I am currently a full-time Professor of Criminal Justice in the Division of Criminal Justice at California State University, Sacramento, where I have been working since 1999.  When I am not teaching classes, doing research, or advising interns, I am focusing on my spiritual studies taken through Mountainside Center for Spiritual Living in Placerville, California, where I am in the process of becoming a Licensed Religious Science Practitioner.  Since becoming sober in 2004, I have awakened to my true path, which is to be of service to all sentient beings and helping people realize their full potential.  We live in a world of limitless possibility; Pure Potentiality; and Oneness with all life.  I am taking this spiritual and evolutionary journey to evolve and expand my consciousness with my readers and hopefully, whatever I have to offer here will help those on their path as well.  Namaste and welcome to the Journey of Life: a process, not a destination.